Lineage 2 Polska wypróbuj wyjątkowy, bezpieczny
i najlepszy serwer Lineage II

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Welcome in website serwer

Server have anti bot system you must run L2 Polska-Anti Bot.exe and L2.exe to connect to server.

Serwer Lineage II Interlude Full info:

Exp: x5

SP: x5

Drop: x4

Adena: x4

Spoil: x7

Drop Quest: x5

Quest Reward: x4

Chance drop item after player death: 1%

Additional Coin Festival Adena (reward for vote, donate, you can trade with other players)

Time Buff/Dance/Song: 60 min 

Required quest for the profession: No
Required quest for subclass: No
Max subclsses: 5

Commands for players:

.repair (fixes all the characters from the account in case of an error when logging in)
/unstuck (teleporting to the nearest town)